United We Stand, Divided We Risk it All

Happy New Year everybody! For the first post of this year, I’d like to propose a new year’s resolution that doesn’t involve us joining a gym. Not that the gym is so terrible, but if you happen to live in the northeast right now (I know, you Floridians and Californians and other Stateswhereitiswarmians can just keep smiling smugly) then I want a new year’s resolution that keeps me at home, experiencing as little of the arctic temperatures as possible. I mean, it was -28 degrees Fahrenheit in Montreal on New Year’s Eve. Just saying. Those aren’t exercise conditions.

So what should you resolution be, you ask? Let’s resolve to make NAJIT stronger than ever this year. Have you been saying for quite some time now that you should renew your membership? Now’s your chance. Never joined? Make NAJIT’s numbers grow! Click here to join. The bigger we are, the better our impact will be.

It can be difficult to see the tangible benefits to joining our organization. You won’t be getting any free lollipops and it won’t get you your 10th coffee free of charge. But NAJIT is our voice. It is the organization that gives us our code of conduct, that speaks out when interpreters are discriminated against, that advocates for proper work conditions.

Interpreters have come a long way in the last few decades, and our profession is becoming more and more understood and respected. But that can only happen when we stand together united. NAJIT gives true meaning to the phrase, “united we stand, divided we fall.” Do you work in a place where agencies are undercutting your freelance career by sending untrained, under-qualified interpreters to customers who don’t understand the value of accurate interpretation? Do your judges not understand why team interpreting is important for trials? Do your court employees look at you cross-eyed when you ask for information before the case? As one lonely interpreter it is hard to make a difference, but NAJIT is here to have your back. In some cases we can step in  and act for you, and at other times, just having the weight of a professional organization behind you will make those judges and employees take you more seriously.

It’s a symbiotic relationship. You join NAJIT, and NAJIT gets stronger. Then when you need help, NAJIT is there for you. Even if you are lucky enough to have a strong career in an area where interpreting is well-respected, you should still join. The networking benefits are fabulous and you will be contributing to a united interpreting front on a national level.

Benefits to your New Year’s Resolution:

  • Access to the members’-only job board
  • Subscription to Proteus, our quarterly academic publication
  • Access to the list serv where you can network and reach out for help when you find yourself in sticky situations
  • Discount on the yearly conference (this year will be in San Francisco!)
  • …And more. 🙂

Just last year alone, we saw the biggest attendance ever for our DC conference, where we also debuted our conference app. We held our first advocacy day and added a resources page to our website. NAJIT had a presence at the ATA conference, Interpret America, NIAC and Finding The Parallels. Position papers were published and we joined the prestigious organization FIT, the International Federation of Translators.

This year will be even better and your membership will make a difference. Join us now and have a good excuse to stay indoors where it is warm and toasty!

[Posted at www.najit.org/blog on 1/5/18.]

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