Course Offerings

“Geek Offerings” at a glance (scroll down for more information):

  • Free webinar with Interpretrain!
  • Asynchronous Office Hours! (Private coaching by email)
  • Forty Hour Medical Course with de la Mora Interpreter Training!
  • Ethics seminar and Written Federal Prep with de la Mora Interpreter Training!


Geek out for FREE with Athena Matilsky and Virginia Valencia!
Tips for Passing the Federal Exam: A recording of this live webinar is available ON YOUTUBE. Enjoy!

Geek Out with Asynchronous Interpreter Coaching: $49/recording
This is a completely asynchronous offering, meaning that you schedule it whenever is convenient for you. First, record yourself interpreting (up to 10 minutes). Send me your recording and corresponding text and I’ll return my feedback to you within two weeks. This is perfect for identifying your personal weaknesses and strengths, and for creating a study plan that is tailored for you. Don’t miss this chance for individualized pointers from an experienced mentor! Together we will improve your confidence, increase your test scores, and help you become the best interpreter you can be.

Geek out in collaboration with de la Mora Interpreter Training: Join Athena for a Forty-Hour Medical Interpreter Training, 3-weeks ethics seminar and 3-week Written Federal Exam Prep. For more information and to register, visit their website, HERE.

All courses are given online. The courses are still rigorous and hands-on, but nobody has to commute anywhere! Payment is non-refundable.


Please do not reproduce or share without permission. The materials are intended to be shared with registered participants only. 

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AAIT April 2018: AAIT Advanced Skills

NAJIT June 2018: Lots of Resources for LOTS Interpreters

NAJIT June 2018: Federal Interpreters or Bust!

ATA October 2018: Two Roads Diverge