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  • Free webinar with Interpretrain!
  • Monthly Hands-on Workshops
  • Asynchronous Coaching
  • Private Coaching


Geek out for FREE with Athena Matilsky and Virginia Valencia!
Tips for Passing the Federal Exam: A recording of this live webinar is available ON YOUTUBE. Enjoy!

INTERPRETER MAGIC: How to Manage an (Online) Crowd
Date: Sunday, September 20th, 4pm-7pm EST
Cost: $79 (EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: $59 if registered by September 6th!)
Do you find the lag in online conversations to be maddening? Just as you’re about to begin interpreting, somebody cuts in. If you’re working without video, you have no visual cues to give your listener so they can pause and allow you to interpret. Even with video, conditions are not ideal. In this webinar, we will discuss the most common difficulties of online interpreting and managing dialogue as an interpreter. We will workshop different techniques for managing the flow of communication. If you would like to expertly facilitate the flow of conversation, this is the class you need!

Date: Sunday, October 11th, 4pm-7pm EST
Cost: $79 (EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: $59 if registered by September 27th!)
This class is for the perfectionists among us. Those of us who may be able to get by in simultaneous, but who start to flounder if the speaker begins to speed up. Maybe numbers make us uncomfortable, or technical speeches make us cringe. This workshop, for advanced interpreters, will introduce a plethora of exercises designed to target key weaknesses and bring your interpreting to the next level. We will break down, strategize, and implement solutions so that you feel a new sense of confidence in this mode of interpreting. We may even have a chance to test some Zoom channel interpreting. If you’d like to solve your simultaneous, you’ve come to the right place!

Date: Sunday, November 15th, 4pm-7pm EST
Cost: $79 (EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: $59 if registered by November 1st!)
Do you ever hear utterances and then just…lose them? “Your honor, the interpreter…forgot,” is a fairly embarrassing thing to have to say in a courtroom full of people. Yet memory lapses happen to all of us, and we must work to prevent them. Mastering memory is vital for any professional interpreter–we rely on our long-term memory to absorb concepts and terminology, and on our short-term memory to hang onto names, numbers, facts and details. In this workshop, we will perform a series of fun exercises and mind-mapping techniques to make the most of our wonderful brains. If you want to improve your memory, this is the class for you!

Date: Sunday, December 13th, 4pm-7pm EST
Cost: $79 (EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: $59 if registered by November 29th!)
What was that? You aren’t quite sure what that smudge is, and you can’t read your own handwriting? Don’t worry–it happens to the best of us. That’s why for our final webinar of the year, we will be talking notes, notes and more notes! Symbols and abbreviations will be covered of course, along with format, structure, and making your ideas POP from the page. This rigorous, hands-on workshop will begin with an exercise in self-assessment, where we each identify our own goals. We will then work in small groups to address our individual note-taking objectives using new materials. You will identify your strengths, weaknesses, and strategies for improvement, so that you leave this class ready to become an expert at deciphering what you’ve put down on the page!

Geek Out with Asynchronous Interpreter Coaching:

This is a completely asynchronous offering, meaning that you schedule it whenever is convenient for you. First, record yourself interpreting (up to 10 minutes). Send me your recording and corresponding text and I’ll return my feedback to you within two weeks. This is perfect for identifying your personal weaknesses and strengths, and for creating a study plan that is tailored for you. Don’t miss this chance for individualized pointers from an experienced mentor! Together we will improve your confidence, increase your test scores, and help you become the best interpreter you can be.
CLICK HERE to register. You’ll receive an email followup.

Geek Out with Private Coaching: $99/hr OR Package of 4: $79/hr 
These sessions are scheduled at your convenience, and are completely tailored to you. The instructor will listen to you interpret (using materials of your choosing) and give you specific feedback. We will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and create a study plan just for you!
CLICK HERE to register. You’ll receive an email followup.

All courses are given online. The courses are still rigorous and hands-on, but nobody has to commute anywhere! Payment is non-refundable.


Please do not reproduce or share without permission. The materials are intended to be shared with registered participants only. 

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