Course Offerings

“Geek Offerings” at a glance (scroll down for more information):

  • Free webinar with Interpretrain!
  • Asynchronous Coaching
  • Private Coaching
  • Office Hours with Athena (Upcoming: Federal oral and written exam!)
  • Forty Hour Medical Course with de la Mora Interpreter Training!


Geek out for FREE with Athena Matilsky and Virginia Valencia!
Tips for Passing the Federal Exam: A recording of this live webinar is available ON YOUTUBE. Enjoy!

Geek Out with Asynchronous Interpreter Coaching: $49/recording
This is a completely asynchronous offering, meaning that you schedule it whenever is convenient for you. First, record yourself interpreting (up to 10 minutes). Send me your recording and corresponding text and I’ll return my feedback to you within two weeks. This is perfect for identifying your personal weaknesses and strengths, and for creating a study plan that is tailored for you. Don’t miss this chance for individualized pointers from an experienced mentor! Together we will improve your confidence, increase your test scores, and help you become the best interpreter you can be.

Geek Out with Private Coaching: $89/1-hour Session
These sessions are scheduled at your convenience, and are completely tailored to you. The instructor will listen to you interpret (using materials of your choosing) and give you specific feedback. We will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and create a study plan just for you!

Geeky Office Hours With Athena: $45/2-hour session
Office hours is a new way to meet live with an instructor and other classmates and colleagues. They will be offered on select Sundays throughout the year, each time focusing on a specific topic (topic suggestions are welcome). Make sure to register in advance! In order to establish a fun, interactive group experience, a minimum of five sign-ups is needed to move forward. Confirmation and login details will be sent one week before class. 

  • April 28th, 2pm-4pm EST: Written Federal Exam, Anyone?
    This office hours will cover the written exam: What are the expectations for the exam, what is the format for the test, and what should be done to prepare? We will take various questions from the mock Paradigm exam to create an overview of what should be done to prepare for the written federal exam.
  • May 26th, 2pm-4pm EST: Advanced Consecutive
    Many of us reach a plateau with our consecutive skills, where we feel pretty confident that we are getting the main idea, yet struggle to capture small details. This workshop will plunge into the structure of note-taking. We will discuss using visualization and images/symbols in our notes, and students will have the opportunity to test this out themselves with practical exercises and instructor feedback.
  • June 9th, 2pm-4pm EST: Advanced Simultaneous
    How do you handle speed, lists, names, and numbers in simultaneous? Even the most seasoned interpreters struggle to master these skills. This workshop offers a chance to try out some conference interpreting techniques to refine your simultaneous abilities.
  • June 23rd, 2pm-4pm EST: Zen and the Art of the Federal Oral Exam
    This workshop was a rousing success in April and is back by popular demand! We will cover last minute cramming and stress-prevention for the federal oral exam. Students will be given an original simulated interpretation practice. We will then review our renditions for accuracy and also take a look inside at the voices that prevent us from focusing. The instructor will give recommendations for studying as the test date approaches, and for calming nerves and test anxiety.

Geek out in collaboration with de la Mora Interpreter Training: Join Athena for a Forty-Hour Medical Interpreter Training. For more information and to register, visit their website, HERE.

All courses are given online. The courses are still rigorous and hands-on, but nobody has to commute anywhere! Payment is non-refundable.


Please do not reproduce or share without permission. The materials are intended to be shared with registered participants only. 

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