Welcome to Athena Sky Interpreting’s webinar page! You’ll find a wide range of offerings, including monthly webinars and community events. We can’t wait to have you join us. Please note that webinar times are given in EST. Check your time zones!


This Spring 2023, we are absolutely thrilled to be hosting interviews with two of Athena’s personal interpreting heroes. Robert Joe Lee and Holly Mikkelson are pioneers of our profession. Their accomplishments have buoyed our profession forward and helped ensure fairness for LEP individuals. Join us for the conversations with these two remarkable people, followed by Q & A.


Experienced Court and Medical Interpreters of all languages are welcome! Once a month on a Sunday afternoon, we host 3-hour interpreter training sessions on everything from simultaneous skills-building to consecutive note-taking, ethics, sight translation delivery and more! If you are new to the field you are still welcome to attend but you may find the classes fast-paced.

Pre-approval applications for continuing education have been submitted to a variety of states, including CA, FL, DE, ID, OK, CO, OH, WA, MD, TX, NV, MA, MD and NM. Some IMIA/CEAP medical interpreting credit is also available. Please allow approximately three weeks to process Certificates of Completion.

Recordings of the workshops are sent to all registered participants. Take a look at our offerings and sign up today!

Please note that while we procure continuing education options as a courtesy to you, we are not selling an “Easy A.” You do not automatically get credit simply for purchasing the class. Students are expected to arrive on time from a private location (NOT a vehicle), and participate fully if they hope to earn continuing education. If you are not interested in the topic, please do not register for the class.