Court Interpreting Master Class for Spanish Interpreters

Are you a Spanish interpreter struggling to pass the state court interpreting oral exam or level up your certification? You’re not alone. On average, only 12% to 15% of candidates actually pass the test to begin with. That is why we’ve teamed up with our partners at Interpretrain to provide you the ultimate online court interpreter training experience. Interpretrain’s state-of-the-art 3-step materials provide an unparalleled study environment. Our Master Classes have already shown to significantly increase students’ chances of passing an exam.


Our Master Class is a dream turned reality. It is the product of many hours of hard work with Athena of Athena Sky Interpreting and Virginia Valencia of Interpretrain. Our hope is to provide you with the tools we didn’t have when we were studying for certification. We have designed the course to provide an effective study environment, along with structure and accountability, for Spanish interpreters hoping to pass a certification or level up their skills. We will foster the skills you need to build your own self-study toolbox, equipping you with the know-how to achieve excellence in the profession and helping you to be calm, confident and fully prepared on test day. 


Through a rigorous interview process, we are carefully curating a group of disciplined and motivated students who will bring their best selves to the table. Our body, mind, spirit approach will cover not only the three modes of interpreting and how best to improve your technique, but also test anxiety and interpreting under pressure. We will teach you how to be in charge of your own goals, with friendly support and professional guidance.

We are ONLY accepting disciplined candidates with a good work ethic. Register today and if you are selected, we’ll have an interview to determine whether you would be a good Master Class fit. For a little video teaser, click here. We look forward to receiving your application! 

Embark on your journey today! You won’t be disappointed.

About Our Program

Join us in February 2023 for ten weeks of intensive interpreting study to prepare for professional success and certification.

Live Classes

Live instructor-led courses (recorded for later review) will be complemented with individual and group study. You will receive guidance on reaching expert levels of proficiency for all three modes of interpreting.

Holistic environment

You will also prepare for the mental challenge of managing the difficult and stressful interpretation exam in a collaborative, supportive environment, using proven breathing, confidence-building and self-care techniques.

Instructor interaction

Our objective is to guide you on your journey. Your instructor will facilitate productive feedback sessions between you and your peers. Your questions and challenges will be addressed with the group on your class forum and during the classes themselves. Additionally, while you are practicing in class, you will take turns receiving feedback. Finally, you will be given the opportunity to select a portion of your mock exam to submit for detailed, individualized feedback.

During this course we will:

  • Begin with the basic building blocks of interpreting: Attentive listening, critical analysis, and an intensive immersion in note-taking skills (a portion of the test and an area where interpreters tend to struggle the most)
  • Systematically work our way through most of Interpretrain’s State Oral Exam Training Program (55 study labs adapted from real courtroom proceedings)
  • Practice with terminology drills (audio exercises, quizzes, and games) to master highly specialized court vocabulary
  • Interpret the same practice at slower, then faster speeds (up to 140 words per minute), to progressively increase your pace in the Simultaneous Mode
  • Gradually tackle longer chunks of speech in the Consecutive Mode, until being able to accurately render 45-55 word chunks
  • Sight translate real court documents (from the U.S and from jurisdictions around the world where Spanish is spoken) while learning the most effective method to markedly increase your accuracy in this mode
  • Meet with ES-EN legal interpreters, giving each other feedback in class and in smaller group study sessions
  • Facilitate detailed self-evaluations of each practice, providing you a numerical score
  • Cover vital test-taking tips and holistic methods to manage your stress, so you can shine under the most difficult test conditions
  • Issue a completion certificate to everyone who successfully finishes the course.

Class Schedule

Dates: February 13 – April 17, 2023, 8pm-10pm EST

Mondays: Live instructor-led classes (Feb 13-April 17)

Tuesdays: Solo study *

Wednesdays: Live classes (Feb 15 and 22)/Solo study* (March 1-April 12)

Thursdays: Solo study/Study hall “pods”*

*At your discretion: Whenever you have individual or group study time, you are welcome to go by a different schedule. You should budget a total of three 2-hour sessions a week outside of class.

Online Campus

Live Online Classes

Held through Zoom.

Recording link given within 48 hours of each class.

Online Platform

Access all materials, including vocabulary practice and the forum, through our exclusive online platform! Access to your account will be given two weeks before class begins. Your account will be valid for one year after registration so you can review the materials even after the class has concluded.

Interpretrain’s Mobile App

You will be given free access to Interpretrain’s Mobile App! This innovative tool will allow you to:

Master court terminology. Practice with over 900 audio & visual vocabulary flashcards, which offer each term in a sentence as well as multiple target-language equivalents

Study using a single device. Simplify your training by interpreting directly on our App, using our dual-channel play & record technology

Keep your interpretations in one place. Save and organize all your interpreting practices on our Interpreter Training Cloud

Objectively assess your performance. Evaluate your interpretation with our patent-pending testing-technology and get an actual numerical score

Track your progress. Generate and store your performance certificates on our Interpreter Training Cloud

Facilitate peer feedback. Email or text your interpreting practice codes to a study buddy who also has the App

Pick up where you left off. Eliminate the guesswork by bookmarking your practices to access them immediately during your next session

Program your study sessions and increase your commitment. Generate automated study reminders to improve your engagement

Learn from a pro. Play the teacher’s interpretations and compare them to your renditions

Study even without an internet connection. Download our training practices for offline use  

Study hall pods

A couple weeks into the course, you will be assigned to your online study “pod” based on your location and individual experience and needs. Your pod will be your team, giving you crucial feedback, offering moral support and holding you accountable. You will meet weekly for practice sessions and feedback. The invaluable comradery provided by your study pod will play a leading role on your path to success!


Interpretrain’s 3-Step Method™ and Why It Will Work for You

Included in your tuition
When you pay your tuition for the Court Interpreting Master Class, you are paying for instructor time and a curated, detailed lesson plan that will guide you step by step on your journey. As a bonus, students are given a full year of access to Interpretrain’s State Oral Exam Training Program which includes their new note-taking training material. (If you already own these materials, do not worry–you are still getting an incredible value for what you are buying.)

Perfect for test preparation
State court interpreter oral exams require you to perform several complex mental processes very quickly, with a high degree of accuracy, and all at the same time.
With Interpretrain’s 3-Step Method™, you will master each of these tasks separately, and then learn how to successfully execute them simultaneously.

Learn to expect the unexpected
The state oral exam is ultimately a test not of vocabulary or particular topics, but of skill. To that end, your course has been created to be a skills-building journey, with particular emphasis on technique, vocabulary, and holistic mindset. Not every exercise will resemble the test, but that is purposeful–many students fail because they do not realize that studying for the exam is like studying for a marathon. You need warm-ups, cardio, strength-training…the works. That said, we do believe that familiarity with the exam format is important, and there will be exercises that closely resemble the test itself in order for you to experience it firsthand.

Keep up the training even after class has ended
Once you complete the course, you will still have a plethora of study materials at your disposal in order to apply what you have learned through continued individual and group studies. By then you’ll have the toolbox. It’ll be up to you to use the tools! 



Athena Matilsky

Lead Instructor

  • Federally Certified Court Interpreter (ES-EN)
  • State Approved Court Interpreter (FR-EN)
  • Certified Healthcare Interpreter (ES-EN)
  • Master’s in Conference Interpreting


Athena holds a BA in Spanish interpreting and translation from Rutgers University and a Master’s in Conference Interpreting from Glendon College, York University. In the past decade, she has worked as a freelance interpreter and staff interpreter for the NJ judiciary. She owns Athena Sky Interpreting and trains candidates for the state and federal interpreting exams. When she is not teaching and interpreting, you may find her practicing Acroyoga or studying French.

Virginia Valencia

Materials Mastermind

  • Federally Certified Court Interpreter (ES-EN)
  • CA, NY, and NJ State Approved Court Interpreter (ES-EN)
  • Professional Psychologist
  • Published Author of Interpreter Training Materials
  • Over 20 years of teaching experience


Virginia became an interpreter in 2003 and has worked in the fields of legal, medical, and conference interpretation. She holds a Combined Certificate in Translation and Interpretation Studies (Hunter College, 2004). In 2012, Virginia and her husband, Brad Wilk, founded Interpretrain. She currently lives in California, where she teaches, develops new materials, and works as an interpreter.

Program Details


Your path toward success begins with your application. This is a three step process:

  1. Application
  2. Interview
  3. Registration

If you are a dedicated student who will commit to following our rigorous training schedule, you’ll be selected for an interview. Once you have demonstrated that you would be a good fit for our program, you will be invited to register!

Note: Registration ENDS on December 15th.


Once you have been accepted into the program, you will be invited to complete registration and pay your tuition. You will have two options:

Lump sum: One payment of $1695
Payment plan: Three payments of $649

If you select the payment plan, your first payment will be due upon registration. The second payment will be due on December 15th and the third will be due on January 15th. Please note that you are responsible for paying each payment on time. If you miss a deadline, you will forfeit your seat in the class and any prior payments.

Code of Conduct

As a Master Class student, you will be expected to:

  • Attend online classes, or review the recordings the week they are posted (Missed classes allowed for emergencies only)
  • Complete  solo assignments on time
  • Meet weekly with your pod to complete team assignments
  • Treat instructor and fellow classmates with dignity and respect in oral and written communications

If you do not comply with the code of conduct, Athena Sky Interpreting reserves the right to relinquish your seat in the program without a refund.

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