Find Your Interpreting Voice with Athena and Virginia
Sun Dec 11


Sun, Dec 11, 2022 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT

We all know that when we are interpreting, we must project confidence. Our voice should remain calm even when inwardly, we feel less than tranquil. Our intonation is supposed to be influenced only by the original speaker’s intention. However, who among us hasn’t ever been shocked to hear the silly things that come out of our mouth under pressure?

That’s why this month we are thrilled to be collaborating with Virginia Valencia of Interpretrain. Virginia is not only an expert interpreter; she is also a trained actress! In this workshop, we will draw from Virginia and Athena’s interpreting experience and theatre training in order to polish and refine your interpreter voice.

You will be presented with different simulated, hands-on interpreting exercises, which you will refine in a multitude of ways. Get ready to be creative!  You will leave the workshop more confident and better able to reflect the true meaning of the utterances you’re asked to interpret.

As always, a recording will be available for anyone who can’t join us live.

Workshop has been pre-approved for continuing education in CA (3), FL (3.4), ID (3), MA (3,) NC (3), NM (3), NV (3), OH (3), OK (3.6), PA (3), TX (2.75), WA (3). Pre-approval pending in other states. Please note that all sales are final.