United We Stand, Divided We Risk it All

Happy New Year everybody! For the first post of this year, I’d like to propose a new year’s resolution that doesn’t involve us joining a gym. Not that the gym is so terrible, but if you happen to live in the northeast right now (I know, you Floridians and Californians and other Stateswhereitiswarmians can just keep smiling smugly) then I want a new year’s resolution that keeps me at home, experiencing as little of the arctic temperatures as possible. I mean, it was -28 degrees Fahrenheit in Montreal on New Year’s Eve. Just saying. Those aren’t exercise conditions. Continue reading “United We Stand, Divided We Risk it All”

Lots of Resources for LOTS Interpreters

Last year I left my job as a Superior Court staff interpreter, and moved from New Jersey to the beautiful city of Montreal. I’m here temporarily, working on a book and improving my French. The idea is that with increased language proficiency I will be able to apply my skills as a Spanish interpreter and open myself up to new opportunities. My test date has already been set for October, so this summer I rolled up my sleeves, opened up my computer, and got to work. Except…what in the world is a Spanish interpreter to do when she discovers that not everything is spelled out in her new language? Continue reading “Lots of Resources for LOTS Interpreters”